Friday, July 1, 2011

Guess The Theme Week 5

I did not do a seperate post for weeks 1 and 4 because they were a little easier (so I thought) and had not bonus 16 rounds. If you want to check them out you can from the links below.
Guess the Theme Week 1
Guess The Theme Week 4

OK this brings us to This weeks game. The answers will not be posted until Tuesday July 5th so there is still time to get your guesses in. Please email them to me at my Etsy email, so I can keep all together.

Guess The Theme Week 5

There has been 1 person, so far, to get the Theme AND the Bonus 16 correct so far. You can submit as many guesses as you like prior to the answers being posted. Rules, prizes and tips are all posted in the first comments of the Treasury.

Answers will be posted in the Comments section.

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Wen said...

The Answer to this weeks Game is
Mary Queen of Scots.

Bonus 16 round answers
1)Thistles earrings -Thistle is the flower found in Scotland.
2)The Gown--style of dress at the time.
3)Photo is of Dauphin Island. Marys first husband was the Dauphin of France.
4)The pendant says Medici- Catherine Medici was her mother in law.
5)Know pamphlet-- John Knox was here biggest opposition when she returned to Scotland. He was key in having her arrested on most likely trumped up charges.
6)White Gown- Mary Loved white and wore white to get married. Up until then White was worn to funerals and Never for a wedding. She was the First to do this.
7)The pillow shows a hunting scene. Mary was active and loved to ride horses and loved hunting.
8)Golf Print. It is said she Loved the game of Golf.
9) The Dress is called the James Dress. James was the name of ger Father and her Son.
10)The jewelry box is a Casket style. She was arrested for supposedly having incriminating letters stored in her Jewelry Casket. They were to have shown her guilt over her second husbands death and some said plots to over throw Elizabeth.
11)Holy Rude Photo. The Holy Rude is Stirling Castle in Scotland. She was crowned there as a very young girl. And retreated there often while in Scotland.
12)The French Fabric has French writing on it. She was Fluent in French since she was raised in France.
13)The pin is of the Virgin Mary, a symbol of Catholisim. She was a strong Catholic and the Scots were mainly Reformed Protestants so did not like her coming back due to her faith.
14) The ring is patterned Stuart. Mary is from the Stuart family.
15) and 16) go together. The pic of the ape.. if you read the desciption is named Captivity and the other is named Woman who Waited. Once Mary was imprisoned by her cousin Queen Elizabeth..she was kept there for 20 years before being executed.