Friday, July 1, 2011

Guess the Theme Game Week 2

I figured I would post about my Weekly Guess the Theme game on Etsy. I will post answers to the bonus 16 rounds on the harder one. I will be back tracking a little on these first couple since we are in week 5.

Guess the Theme: Week 2

The 1st week was pretty easy but by week 2 decided to really start challenging people.
The game is set up around an Etsy Treasury. There are 16 items in a treasury and Each one is a clue. Clues can be the picture itself, the name or somewhere in the item description. For hard ones, there is a Bonus 16 round because, Each of the 16 means something else and ALL point to the answer to what the Theme is, for that week.

1)Greek Key Purse-- Cleopatra family was Greek by origin (Macedon area)
2)Sandwhich bag is named Alexandria---the Seat of Egyptian power for Cleopatra.
3)The butterfly--Now this one was tricky.. if you read the entire name if is Arsinoe. Arsinoe was one of Cleopatras sisters. The one she got Caesars help to combat and gain her reign.
4)The Ruler--pretty straight forward there.. she was a ruler.
5)The Beads are Pyramid shaped.
6)and 7) got together. The Vulture and Snake were the crown symbols for Eygptian rulers.
8)The ring has a Laurel Wreath design..signifies Caesar.
9)The Rug stumped lots of people. Cleopatra hid herself in a rug in order to sneak in to meet Caesar.
10)The Library Print. The library was one of Cleopatras prized possessions. It was burned while Caesar helped her gain her crown.
11)The Easter Chicks were too cute to not include. Bigger chick is riding in a Chariot...Mode of transport then.
12)Print of Dionysus signifies Mark Anthony. He was a bit of a party boy and often associated with this diety.
13)and 14) The necklace is named Helios and the haircomb Selene. The names of the Twins that Cleopatra had witht Mark Anthony.

Only a couple got this one correct.

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