Friday, July 1, 2011

Guess The Theme Week 3

This one had everyone stumped except 1. One one got the theme correctly and no one got the Bonus 16. Most dont attempt it though.

Again this one is couple weeks old and a couple of the items that were in the treasury have since sold. I will give the answers to those items that remain.

Guess The Theme Week 3

The Answer to this one was The Garden of Eden.
The Bonus 16 round is as follows (less those items that have sold)

1)Print of Walking. Signifies that while they lived In the Garden, they got to walk with God.
2)The baby in the Lion cap. 2 Things. One a baby signifies Innocence(Prior to eatting forbidden fruit). Two the Lion was what God slew to create clothing for Adam and Eve when they were being made to leave.
3)Exotic Fruit soap.. This one you had to go and Read the scription. One of the Main ingredients is FIGs. Adam and Eve hid their nakedness with Grape Leaves.
4)The Pendant has the word Delight in its name. The Word Eden is thought to have come from the Sumerian word that means Delight. Also mangos and tangerines Could have been some of the Fruit in the garden..we will never know.
5)The Bonsai tree is a Crab Apple. Apple has been thought through the ages to have been the Forbidden fruit. But it most likely was not.
6)The necklace is named Mesopotamia. That is one of the places thought to be the Original site of the Garden of Eden.
7)The Oil Paintings are of Twin trees. In the center of the garden were 2 trees. The tree of Life and the forbidden tree of Knowledge.
8)The hedgehog cake toppers. Adam and Eve could be thought of as the First married couple.
9)The T Shirt was a hard one. It shows a Heart for Love. God loved them even after breaking the rule. The shirt also shows Crossed Swords and a Flame. After being expelled the entrance was gaurded but Cheribim with Flaming Swords.
10)The Notecard was simple ...say Life is Better... It Was bette in the Garden.
11)The Oriental pendant is named Obeying. All they had to do was Obey.
12)The lipstick case withe the Skulls. Afte leaving the Garden, Adam and Eve could no longer eat of the Fruit of Life so Death unavoidable.
13)That cute hairless hamster (was our pet)..This was another one where you had to read the Description. IT was the BIGGEST CLUE. Her name was Eden.
14)The waterfall tulip earrings. The waterfall and tulips could well have been in the Garden.. But the Word Fall is key. The story tells of the Fall of mankind.

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