Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Guess The Theme Game Week 7

Week 7 of the game is up and ready for guesses. I made it easier this week to give all those tired thinking caps a little break.
There is no Bonus 16 since this week Just the Theme portion.

Rules and Hints are Posted at the Link below.


There are only 5 winners this week since there is no Bonus Round.

Answers will be posted on Tuesday in the Comment section.
Remember Do Not post Guesses Here or on at the link.. Please Email me guesses so that all might have a chance to play.


Wen said...

Just an update for those playing this week... There have Already been 4 winners... ONLY 1 winning spot left for this weeks.

Wen said...

OK folks this one Did run fast.
All winning spots have been filled.


If you look at the top right corner.. there are 3 letters. ALL
Then the entire middle is made of Small items. The bottom right corner is a World.
Answer.. Its a Small World After ALL.

Thanks for playing and make sure to check next weeks game on Wednesday.