Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Guess The Theme Game Week 9

OK last weeks game was truly hard. This weeks may or may not be easier for some of you.

The rules/hints and prizes are all explained in the treasury. Link is Below.


There is room for a possible 10 winners.
First 5 to guess the theme win $10 gift certs to my shop.
First 5 to guess the Bonus 16 correctly get $10 gift certs to my shop.

It is possible to win Both for a double prize.

Answer will be posted on Tuesday.
Good Luck to all

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Wen said...

OK this was a Great round. There were 3 Winners that got Double Prizes. They got the Theme AND the Bonus 16 round. Congrats to all 3.

The Theme this week was....Henry VIII

Bonus 16 Round is
1) The Lion---Symbol of Authority/King Also Lions were on his coat of arms
2)The Print is of the Vatican. Bluff Hal Broke with Rome and the catholic faith and created the Church of England.
3)Leviticus cuff-- Henry was said to quote Leviticus often when trying to get others to side with him that he needed to get a divorce from his 1st wife.
4)The Pomegrante--This fruit was Katherine of Aragons totem.
5)The Conscience Print-- Henry often had a Case of having to appease his Conscience anytime things were not going his way.
6)The Lute-- Henry was a Musician and played the Lute as well as many other instruments.
7)The cute Squirrel is called Seymour. That was the last name of Henrys 3rd Wife Jane Seymour.
8)The Booties--They are Green and White which were the Tudor colors. Also accepted they represented the Tower Green
9)Coffee cozy--named Green Sleeves. This song is said to have been composed by Henry for Ann Boleyn.
10)The Soap--Called Utopia.. book written by Thomas Moore..close friend and advisor to Henry until he disagreed with him and was eventually beheaded.
11)Shoes--These are Mary Jane style. Mary for his older daughter and Jane for his 3rd Wife.
12)The Brass Pendant--shows Jousting. Henry jousted and had a very near fatal accident during on match.
13)The lace cuff-made from Queen Anns Lace.. stood for stood for wife #2 and #4 both Anns
14)The pendant--Reads Faith. Henry was called the Defender of the Faith by the Vatican until he broke with them
15)The Book--Culpepper was the lover of Wife #5 (Catherine Howard). He was executed just before that She was.
16)The adorable 3 babies---symbolized Henrys 3 Legit children.

*Interesting note
of Henrys 6 Wives only 2 to be Beheaded were cousins.
**While Henry DID break from Rome to create the Church of England he still practiced very much like a the Catholic. It does appear to many that he did not wish to stop being Catholic.. he merely wanted to have his way.

Thanks to ALL that played last week. This weeks game will be posted Tomorrow.