Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guess the Theme Game Week 6

Week 6 of the game is up and ready for players.
The prizes are the same as last week.
First 5 to Guess the Theme will win a $15 gift certificate to my shop.
First 5 to Get the Bonus 16 correct win a $15 gift certificate to my shop.
Be one of the 1st 5 to get Both right and ....yup get Both prizes.

**The Bonus 16 is harder BUT sometimes if you figure out this part the Theme will come to you. The game consists of 16 clues in the form of an Etsy Treasury. Figure out what Each of the 16 items mean/symbolize and you win that portion of the game.

Guess The Theme WEEK 6

Hints/ Tips/ Rules are all listed at the link above.

Answer will be posted in a comment below.

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Wen said...

The Answer to Week 6 is Casablanca.

The Bonos 16 answers:

1)Was a locket made in the WWII Medal Style.
2)A handcarved Chess Set. In the Opening Scene for Rick..he is seen playing Chess against himself.
3)Print of Rooster with a Martini at a Bar... Ricks was a Bar, where much of the movie takes place.
4)The pic of Ron Reagan.. was a stumper. He was wanted for the Role of Rick before they got Boghart.
5)The Print is the Black Forest in Germany.
6)The retro snood... is 1940s when the movie was set.
7)The Pig Print is named Claude... Claude Rains was Victor Lazlo in Casablanca.
8)The Needle Felted Parrot is Blue. Ferraris bar was the Blue Parrot.
9)The Live Music sign... Ricks had Live Music.
10)The Pic of Dick Powell..He Worked for Warner Bros..they produced Casablanca and the print is Black and White like the Movie.
11)The Ammonite necklace was from Morocco..where Casablanca is.
12)The Ferrari car print.. was for Senior Ferrari in the film who owned the Blue Parrot mentioned above.
13)The Airplane Cookies... Look 1940s style And is part of the most remembered scene in the movie at the very end.
14)The black and white pic is from a cemetary in Paris where Ilsa and Rick met.
15)The hat is 1940s style and named Ilsa after Bergmans character.
16)The Cat playing the Piano is for Sam who is known the world over for playing and singing in Casablanca.

There were 3 winners to the Theme this week and 1 for the Bonus 16.. Congrats to all and Thanks for playing.
New Game will be posted Tomorrow afternoon.