Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Guess The Theme Game Week 15-Prizes 4 Winners

It is Game time again. Please submit guesses to me in Email..Do Not Post here so all can play. Emailed Guesses can be sent to me thru Etsy OR to

On Tuesdays the Answers will be posted HERE in the comment section.

RULES, HINTS and PRIZE info is at the link below.



Wen said...

OK normally would have posted an anwer and a new game but this weeks game has had few guesses and So far no winner.

I am leaving this one up as Week 16s Game too. Lets see if we can get a winner.

Wen said...

OK it is Answer time. I gave this one another week since no one had gotten it but in the second week there has still not been any correct answers.

The Correct answer to the THEME was Waterfalls around the World

The Bonus 16
1) Angel for Angel Falls in Venezuella. Worlds Highest.
2) Bridal Veil for Bridal Veil Falls in Yosemite Valley.
3) Job painting for Jog Falls in India. 8th highest in the world.
4) Swallow necklace for Swallow Falls. One of Wales largest falls.
5) Horsetail hair butter for Horsetail Falls in California. One of CAs largest.
6) Pic of Rhine Valley for Rhine Falls in Switzerland. Europes Widest Falls.
7) Jackson Browne Bag for Browne Falls in New Zealand. Countries Tallest Falls.
8) Boulder Opal Ring for Boulder Falls in Colorado.
9) Slippery When Wet pic was taken on Lake St Clair for St Clair Falls in Sri Lanka. Widest in Sri Lanka.
10) Queen Victoria Ring for Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Largest in the world.
11) Stirling Castle print for Stirling Falls in South New Zealand.
12) Horseshoe Crab for Horseshoe Crab Falls. Part of the Niagra River.
13) Walk Thru Forest print was Taken at Proxy Falls.
14) Big Rock Ring for Big Rock Falls in Belize.
15) BrandyWine Eyeshadow for BrandyWine Falls in Britsh Columbia.
16) Baby in Beaver costume for Beaver Falls in Arizona part of Grand Canyon Park.

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