Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Guess The Theme Games Week 14

It is Game time again. Please submit guesses to me in Email..Do Not Post here in the Comment so all can play.

Emails can be sent through ETSY or to


You can email me as many guesses as you want between Now and Tues afternoon when I post the answers. See Blog Link above to See Answers

There is 1 correct guess to this Theme.

This Round DOES have a Bonus 16. --Bonus 16-- Guess the meaning/symbolism of All 16 and Win the Bonus round.


Look carefully at the Pictures.
Read the Names of items
Read the Item Descriptions.

Clues can be Anywhere

This Week

First 5 to Guess the Theme correctly will win a $10 gift certificate to my shop.
First 5 to Get the Bonus 16 Correct will win a $10 gift certificate to my shop.

You can win BOTH
Good Luck.

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Wen said...

OK Answer Time

There was 1 Winner this week.. CONGRATS.. She got the theme And the bonus 16 so got a Double Prize

The answer to this weeks theme is

The Bonus 16 is

1)The Spock print. Spock is a Vulcan.. Vulcan was the 'god' they worshipped that precided over the volcanos
2)The necklace. Some of the beads used in the necklace are from a Volcano.
3)The painting of the coast. Pomeii was a port city used by Rome and other great cities of the time.
4)The bracelet. It is inscribed in Latin. That would have been the main language used in Pompeii.. Also one of the translation is Think before you Act... one might not want to live at the base of a Volcano that had caused damage before.
5)Painting is called moon in the bathhouse. Pompeii had large bathhouses.
6)The Eyeshadow is the color ASHE. Ashe would have started to fall on the people of Pompeii before they were buried.
7)The photo is taken in Naples Fl. Naples Italy is the Modern city that is near where Pompeii was.
8)The necklace. It is made using Lava Rocks.
9)The photo is of a Graveyard. Pompeii became a graveyard.. burying the inhabitants that did not leave during the first clues trouble was coming.
10)The Watch...has Roman Numerals on it.
11)The painting is of a Mountain. Mount Vesuvious is the mountain that erupted destroying Pompeii.
12)The photo shows a wall of Grafitti. Many things were preserved in Pompeii under the ashe and pumice. There were walls depicting all manner of Grafitti uncovered.
13)The dragonfly pin. The main stone used is Sea Sediment. There were many layers of Sediment from volcanic activity found in Pompeii..some indicated there had been other Smaller eruptions Prior to the one that destroyed the city.
14)The print shows ancient architecture. Similar remaining building pieces were found in the ruins.
15)The basket. It has a Mosaic top.. Mosaics were common in Roman towns. It was also a Wine basket. They would have had vineyards and it was found in some grafitti that they even had a very early form of Marketing Pun for their wine.. called it "Vesuvinum" Vesu for Vesuvious and Vinum for the wine.
16)The pic is of an aqueduct. Pompeii had similar structures.

Thanks to all that played.

Marie said...

Oh wow... now I don't feel so bad for not coming up with an answer to the game. It was way too complicated for me :) Clever of you, though!

Wen said...

Thanks Marie. I try to mix it up with Hard ones and some easier ones here and there. Should give Week 15 a try.