Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Guess The Theme Game Week 11

It is Game time again. Please submit guesses to me in Email..Do Not Post here so all can play. I prefer the Guesses be sent to my Email Via Etsy because it helps me keep all the guesses together, but if you prefer can send Guesses to (Please title Guess the Theme Guess)

On Tuesdays the Answers and game updates ae Posted Here in the Comment section.


You can email me as many guesses as you want between Now and Tues afternoon when I post the answers.

There is 1 correct guess to this Theme.

This Round Does have a Bonus 16. --Bonus 16-- Guess the meaning/symbolism of All 16 and Win the Bonus round


Look carefully at the Pictures.
Read the Names of items
Read the Item Descriptions.

Clues can be Anywhere.


This Week

First 5 to Guess the Theme correctly will win a $10 gift certificate to my shop.
First 5 to Get the Bonus 16 correct win a $10 gift certificate to my shop.

Good Luck.

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1 comment:

Wen said...

OK we had 1 Winner this week. They got the theme and the Bonus 16..
This one was Very hard.. so Congrats.

The Answer to week11 is Joan of Arc

Bonus 16
1 The print is of a chapel and filled with Words of Faith.. signified her strong faith.
2 Gown is Champagne. She was from a town part of Champagne
3 the pet rock is Praying. Joan spend many hours in prayer.
4 The artwork is called Councel. Joan refered to her 'angels' as her Councel.
5the charm reads in God I trust.. could easily have been her motto
6the wreath is called Sea Maiden /Witch crown. She was called The Maid due to her purity and later burned as a Witch
7The black and white photo shows a famous bridge over the Seine. Joan remains were dumped in the Seine
8the print Charles Eames log had 2 clues.. Charles for King Charles who she fought so hard to put on the thrown and I thought it was very symbolic for the print to show a Charles as Wood.. since after her capture Charles would not even try to ransom or rescue her so could easily be considered some of the Kindling that burned her.
9The Catherine print. One of her Councel was St Catherine.
10 The little ninja... sports a sword.. she was rarely without her sword.
11the dress is Burgundy.. Burgundian forces were a big part of the battles she fought in. She was sold to Philip of Burgundy when King Charles did not bother.
12The fabric.. shows Paris.. She was trying to help Charles regain Paris from the English
13The suit of Armor-she wore a suit of armor much of the time. When not in armor dresses as a male.
14The ring shows Guardian Angels. She was frequented by Her Councel.. a group of angels. A it was a ring her father had given her that was used a one of the fabricated items showing she was a witch.
15The print of Margaret Mitchell. St Margariette Or St MARGARET.. was one of her councel.
16The glasses are Arrow style. She was wounded 2 times by an arrow both times are very well documented. The first in her shoulder over her heart she predicted saying her councel told her it would happen.