Friday, September 23, 2011

Guess The Theme Game Week 16-Prizes 4 Winners

It is Game time again. Please submit guesses to me in Email..Do Not Post here so all can play. You can email via my Etsy account where the game is posted Or at

On Tuesdays the Answers and game updates are Posted Here in the Comment Section


You can email me as many guesses as you want between Now and Tues afternoon when I post the answers.

There is 1 correct guess to this Theme.

This Round DOES NOT have a Bonus 16. --Bonus 16-- Guess the meaning/symbolism of All 16 and Win the Bonus round.


This Week

First 5 to Guess the Theme correctly will win a $10 gift certificate to my shop.

Good Luck.

1 comment:

Wen said...

Since there has been less and less participation in the weekly game I have decided to make it a once a month game. If it grows in popularity again I will do more than one a month.

This Week 16 will become Game 16 and will run til Mid October, then I will post the next game that will run til mid Nov.

There has been 1 winner of the game this week. Congrats.